End of…End of Life

There will be a time in life, a time in the dying process where the end is so close and yet so far away.  While a person is unresponsive, non-verbal and the symptoms of dying are obvious there is a lot of waiting.

Even though death is very near and everyone will be expecting that last breath…there may be more time left to wait.  What do we all do in that waiting time??!!

One thing for sure is to believe in your heart the dying person is able to hear.  Let’s not forget to talk TO this dying person.  Encourage them in their faith, remind them of their legacy and how they affected our own lives.

We all will have the memory of that One Last Talk and I don’t want you to live in the “if I only would of” told them _____________.


About jackiebates

Experience: Registered Nurse 31 years Hospice Nurse 6 years Certified Hospice Palliative Nurse 4 years Caring for the dying is a passion that continues to grow and motivate me in life. Their intimate situations has allowed me a unique opportunity to help facilitate what others and I can learn about real life. Please teach me, challenge me and help me help others. All material written is copywritten 2011
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