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What an amazing impact organizing and supporting people during end of life care has on families.  It’s those simple things of bringing organization in to the middle of the feelings of chaos and grief.  

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End of…End of Life

There will be a time in life, a time in the dying process where the end is so close and yet so far away.  While a person is unresponsive, non-verbal and the symptoms of dying are obvious there is a … Continue reading

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Encouraging Others

There are a bazillion ways to encourage others!  Small ways, big ways, anonymous ways and obvious ways.  So…just as long as you make encouragement a part of your day…you will make a difference in this world. End of life client’s … Continue reading

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Lucky When On Call

Just found my car dome light on…yipes!  The car started and I am so glad I found this out before the battery went dead. This would be a major crisis if I had to go out in the middle of … Continue reading

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Some Folks

Some folks are just not ready to move in to hospice theory of care.  There is a dilemma in their thought process, perhaps it is just plain old grief, that prevents them from seeing the beauty and the help that … Continue reading

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Will to Live

How in the world can a human being have an insatiable desire to live when in the midst of horrendous disease processes?  The supernatural drive to press through limitations, pain, fatigue and humility is amazing to observe. Watching the families who … Continue reading

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First Book Published

Here’s a really neat story in my life! I have just brought home the first 100 printed books of Conversations: Living Through the Process of Dying. A book I wrote to help people talk about their wishes and needs when … Continue reading

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Are they for loss? I’d venture to say every failure is a stepping stone closer to a dream come true. If not a dream, perhaps getting closer to a goal or a vision.  We ALL have points in time where the result … Continue reading

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