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Location of Care

The choices of where to be cared for can be some of the most important decisions ever made for the end of life clients.  You can either be at your home, an Assisted Living Facility, Skilled Nursing Home or a … Continue reading

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Cliff Jumping

Tonight I feel like I have jumped over (or at least threw my hat over) a cliff!  I have made a huge decision that will affect my dreams in life.  This has been my choice and I see it as a … Continue reading

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Extreme Kindness

Today I was on the phone with a woman who “adopted” my chocolate lab 11 years ago.  She was telling me that Jade, the lab, was very sick.  She wanted to invite me out to see her.  While we were talking, … Continue reading

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Celebrating Accomplishments

A recurrent theme crossing my life lately is to celebrate your accomplishments. Going ahead and taking time to acknowledge and enjoy a moment in time because of a goal or project being met. One of my celebrations today is that … Continue reading

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How Will I Cope?

Each and every day I watch and listen to how people are coping with their news of having a terminal diagnosis.  I wonder about the question, “How will I cope?” There have been lessons learned, choices made and questions asked … Continue reading

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What if they don’t want to…

There are times when clients do not want to sign a Do No Resuscitate (DNR) form.  That is the form which indicates no CPR will be done on their body.  Placing your name on that form and accepting the reality of … Continue reading

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To see

I was reading about the word “see” in a resource book called the Strong’s Concordance.  The  Hebrew background to this word was helpful to apply at end of life situations. The definition includes the descriptions:  to appear, approve, behold, have experience, gaze, take … Continue reading

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