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Life will always include curve balls, events that change our direction or place us in to a crisis of some kind.  People who are experiencing end of life, are always in this phase. The surprises they face are many, both positive … Continue reading

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Here’s a really tough topic!  You would not believe how this affects end of life care.  A lot of people make decisions on insurance/medicare paying the bill.  So many folks will not get hospice care because of financial decisions. The fact that room and … Continue reading

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At times there are connections with care givers and clients (and family) that simply make our work so pleasant.  Connecting, meeting needs, bringing care and relief to people can simply make your day. The amazing portion of this is the … Continue reading

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What is Dignity?

Taking care of people at the end of their life includes protecting their dignity (worth.)  Disease processes can bring humility to a new level and protecting their worth or dignity is crucial. What does that look like?  How do you convince … Continue reading

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“I’ve Never Been Told That…”

The amount of information client’s get in medical conversations, especially regarding prognosis can be so overwhelming.  It’s crucial to have a second person hearing the words! I have concerns and sadness when hospice patients/families commonly tell me, “I’ve never been told … Continue reading

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New Adventures

There are a million opportunities in life for new adventures.  Yet, when one comes along that is motivational, encouraging and productive for all, you just can’t pass it up! I have an opportunity!  So naturally I can expect excitement, creativity, fatigue, resistance and … Continue reading

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Loneliness in Dying

Loneliness in dying can be a natural phase to go through.  No one can really understand the impact a person has as they face their last weeks of life. There is a difference in being lonely and being alone.  I … Continue reading

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Resolving Inevitable

Hearing someone talk about their pending death and the emotions that accompany their end of life issues can be very impressive.  The weight of their guilt and stress must simply be horrific at times. Wanting to turn back the clock … Continue reading

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