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Being Aware

Being aware of end of life situations and care giving needs, is a unique position in life.  I will always be learning the how tos;  how to help, how to honor, how to confront, how to nurture…how to comfort. Being aware of … Continue reading

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People’s Choice

During End of Life care, there is a drive to allow and to facilitate people in making their own choices for their care.  The challenge is to help them choose realistic and beneficial goals.  Always encouraging safety, comfort and dignity. The … Continue reading

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Nursing Styles

As hospice nurses meet client’s during end of life care, there are different approaches needed for different situations. One approach is the wait and see, gain their trust and go really slow in recommendations of care.  Beating around the bush can … Continue reading

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Breath Sounds

During end of life there are noticeable changes in breathing patterns and sounds.  All of these sounds are expected, but they definitely challenge emotions and memories. One name of a challenging breath sound is the “death rattle.”  I rarely use … Continue reading

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A Nurse’s Hunch

Between a nurses lower ribs, right smack in the middle of their gut is this feeling we call a “hunch.”  All nurses know that hunch, right?!  There may not be clear medical insight, just an abstract feeling of what is going on … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s Association This website can be a life line for families!  The educational opportunity and the networking of other families confronting this hard disease is profound.  Their face to face support groups are worth their weight in gold and should be … Continue reading

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Nebraska Hospice website Nebraska Hospice and Palliative Care Partnership This website connects you to hospice options in our state.  There are links to learning about Advance Directives and other definitions for Terminally ill Nebraskans. The internet is a great way to search … Continue reading

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Invading Privacy

Regarding the blog entry of First Meeting… Another perspective of that first meeting is the loss of privacy.  A viewer commented on people coming into their family’s home was more of an invasion. It’s true, hospice team members are more than … Continue reading

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First Meetings

I have been thinking about the first time I walk into the presence of a potential client and we have that initial eye contact.  What’s it like for them?  What are their first impressions?  Do they want to run? That … Continue reading

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An Invitation

A local business has invited me to speak at a Lunch for Clergy regarding End of Life.  What a unique and wonderful opportunity this could be for them and for me. If you were a clergy, what would you like … Continue reading

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