There is a medication administration tool called a Medicet.  Most people know it as a “pill-box.”  This tool is found in the pharmacy area and there are several options to choose from.  It all depends on details.  I’d say take some time and go look at these choices.


What size do you need?  Pills once a day?  Twice a day?  How many pills need to be in each slot?  Is there enough room?

How’s the person’s vision and or finger dexterity who needs to open each slot?  There are tiny ones, medium size and very large slots.

Who’s going to fill the medications in to the pill-box?  The one taking the meds, the family or how about a nurse to do the honors?

You can get different colored medicets for different times of the day.  Some of the medicets designed for multiple doses per day can get a little complicated.  Keep it all simple and clear.

IMPORTANT FACT, medication errors are one of the most common reasons people end up in the emergency room!  Monitoring medications through a medicet may be a way to provide safe and clear administrations of routine pills.

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Experience: Registered Nurse 31 years Hospice Nurse 6 years Certified Hospice Palliative Nurse 4 years Caring for the dying is a passion that continues to grow and motivate me in life. Their intimate situations has allowed me a unique opportunity to help facilitate what others and I can learn about real life. Please teach me, challenge me and help me help others. All material written is copywritten 2011
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