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Just what do you do when prayers or expectations are not met to your liking? The realities of “not being healed” have frustrated humans since the start of time.  Seeing people hunger for life and fight against death can really pull … Continue reading

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There is a meeting of minds that may be very helpful when taking care of folks at the end of their life, well really at any point in time of life. The “team” of people who sit down and hear … Continue reading

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Today I was asked by a young man, “What is it like for you as a hospice nurse to take care of people who are dying?” How insightful!  How refreshing, most folks really don’t even like asking me the question … Continue reading

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I mean really! Is there anything better???

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There is a medication administration tool called a Medicet.  Most people know it as a “pill-box.”  This tool is found in the pharmacy area and there are several options to choose from.  It all depends on details.  I’d say take some … Continue reading

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Winters Can Be Difficult

Unless you are a snow bunny and snow shoe, ski or play in other ways with the snow, winters can be difficult.  The worries of winter are already a part of our conversations. Both physically and spiritually the winter can be a … Continue reading

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The sun was shining over my back as I turned on to the ramp of Hwy 2 and there it was, the sight AND the emotion that always has brought me back to Nebraska. A combine was unloading the corn … Continue reading

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SHOULD OF… COULD OF … IF I ONLY WOULD OF… Where are we in this perspective?  What are your hopes?  Your fears?  Your likes?  You needs?  Your areas of being paralysed in momentum?

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