Funeral or Celebration

Today I was reminded about the difference for some people in a funeral service verses a celebration of a person’s life.

I made the comment that I had a funeral in the morning and a wedding in the afternoon. Then I said, these are two totally different emotions!

A wise person reminded me, today was not a funeral, it was a “celebration of a life.”

I stand corrected…and my emotions changed to energy versus a weighty fatigue.

That was a wonderful reminder!

About jackiebates

Experience: Registered Nurse 31 years Hospice Nurse 6 years Certified Hospice Palliative Nurse 4 years Caring for the dying is a passion that continues to grow and motivate me in life. Their intimate situations has allowed me a unique opportunity to help facilitate what others and I can learn about real life. Please teach me, challenge me and help me help others. All material written is copywritten 2011
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