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I heard a man, a cowboy, a friend’s husband say the following…”I am at perfect peace.” He was referring to his choice to have hospice care in his home. What I also wish I could describe to you is his demeanor.  There was peace … Continue reading

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Expanding My Horizons

The comment of “I want to expand my horizons” was made by a client regarding a home bound life.  This persona is someone whom I thought would die within a week of knowing them.  It is now over 10 months and they … Continue reading

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This is an acronym for a Power of Attorney Health Care.  A person has a right to choose another person to represent them in health care decisions. Choosing this person is an important decision for you or your people, especially … Continue reading

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Season Change

All of us in the United States are recognizing the changes in the weather and landscape of our Summer to Fall season.  How is that affecting those who are not as healthy as they used to be? The harvest is … Continue reading

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Aspiration Pneumonia

Aspiration pneumonia is the medical term when food/fluids or phlegm of any kind go down the wrong pipe!  This is different from a bacterial pneumonia where there is an infection. At the end-of-life swallowing can be unnatural and difficult.  A … Continue reading

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Head of Bed

There are reasons to have the head of the medical bed elevated: #1  This helps when eating in bed.  People need to be in the most natural position for swallowing safely.  Food and drink can cause coughing or choking if … Continue reading

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What’s Beside the Bed?

To save energy, utilize what energy is available and to consider safety during weakness it is really nice to have a couple of items beside the medical bed. One item is a commode, a portable potty chair.  When this is … Continue reading

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