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Witnessing Death

There are some intense feelings to experience as you are present with someone as they go from life to death.  Depending on how you are related to the one dying, the feelings will be experienced at various levels of intensity. I observe a lot … Continue reading

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What does the end of a weekend mean for a hospice patient?  Does it even matter what day of the week it is? One thing for sure, issues for patients and families are not controlled by “office hours.”  There is … Continue reading

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Here’s a thought…fear will always be a part of our life.  Now, what do we do with that emotion?  Especially when we address life and death. A friend said, “We can’t let fear be a part of our decisions.”  Isn’t that true.  … Continue reading

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On Call

Today starts my weekend of being “on call.”  This means that it is my assigned turn for being the nurse to take calls, make necessary visits to patients and to be available for any other needs. So…a friend and I … Continue reading

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There are many folks that are living life so intensely as they face their physical challenges moving toward death. Setting goals to accomplish and choosing to “do” things may take extra effort, but they are living fully!  I am reminded of … Continue reading

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What’s that?!  The initials of DNR abbreviate the form that indicates Do Not Resuscitate.  A DNR status allows a person to not require cardiopulmonary resuscitation when their heart or respirations cease. Signing the form comes after a process of facing … Continue reading

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Got Your Back

This comment was said to a family member as they assured them they will stay with them.  There’s a beautiful fact of teamwork, of not leaving them alone, of not walking away from the very hard work of waiting until … Continue reading

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