Whew…one moment you are here and the next moment you are gone. Just like mist!

T.O.D. stands for Time of Death.

We all will have a documented time, when someone will look at the clock just after you took your last breath. Then, there will be another person who will write that time on the formal Death Certificate. And thennnnnn…some dear soul will carry copies of that document all over town to wrap up finances, will and bills, prooving you are dead!

I hope if you think about this moment in time for yourself, you get to have the anticipation that it will be THE greatest trip of your life and that you are finishing without regrets (or at-least not too many).


About jackiebates

Experience: Registered Nurse 31 years Hospice Nurse 6 years Certified Hospice Palliative Nurse 4 years Caring for the dying is a passion that continues to grow and motivate me in life. Their intimate situations has allowed me a unique opportunity to help facilitate what others and I can learn about real life. Please teach me, challenge me and help me help others. All material written is copywritten 2011
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2 Responses to T.O.D.

  1. Amanda Carney says:


    Isn’t it interesting that when we enter this world we are marked with a time of birth and that when we leave this world we are marked with a time of death. This is how we as a society have chosen to mark significant events. We are not however marked with an expiration date! Thank the Lord for that.

    • jackiebates says:

      No expiration date is right! What a challenging thought in the different perspectives of faith in our world. It’s like the “cause of death” will say a disease and yet some of us will say, “Because I completed the days in The Book.” Finished and starting all in one split second!

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