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A New Opportunity

Today I met with an Alzheimer’s Support group, their topic was End-of-Life care.  The group was intimate, open and safe for conversation about Hospice care.  They had such respect for each other and their loved ones. There  were spouses, children … Continue reading

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What it Takes

There are decisions and qualifications people make when facing their end-of-life. One decision is to confront the fact that something terribly wrong and progressive is going on in their body. Any condition takes its toll on a body. This disease … Continue reading

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Whew…one moment you are here and the next moment you are gone. Just like mist! T.O.D. stands for Time of Death. We all will have a documented time, when someone will look at the clock just after you took your … Continue reading

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There are myths that cycle in conversations while taking care of client’s who have a terminal, end-of-life condition.  They are worth considering, because many times the myths prevent someone’s comfort, safety and dignity from being protected or managed. Myth:  “Hospice … Continue reading

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Today I experienced the reality of the elderly.  Due to the heat of the day (95 degrees), several elderly people were inside their homes that were at least 100 degrees!  One lady was a bit disoriented, shaking and obviously dehydrated. For this woman, we … Continue reading

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A Bad Thing?

Today a wise woman asked, “Why is death such a bad thing?”  The question wasn’t directed to me, but what a beautiful opportunity to respond here on the blog.  Surely it has to do with losing control of dreams, personal … Continue reading

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Quote of importance

How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of these. … Continue reading

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Expanding the audience

Today I was once again encouraged to add this link to my facebook page.  So here it comes world!  Sure hope people will begin giving me feedback.  I respect other’s insights.

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Gentle Rules for my blog

Establishing some gentle rules will be important for this blog site.  Please consider these regularly… 1.  No telling someone elses story, tell YOUR view. 2.  No writing names of other’s…that is THEIR choice. 3.  No one way of experiencing death is … Continue reading

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