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Jackie Bates

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Community Awareness

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with people about end of life care while at a book signing in Syracuse NE.  No matter which conversation I was in, disease and death are at the forefront of all of our lives.  My heart went out to them all.

As they looked through the book, Conversations, I saw different emotions and heard several stories of their experiences.  Hopefully this handbook and journal will give a sense of organization to their chaos, affirmation to their efforts of care and ideas as to helping people facing their mortality.

Thanks again to the community of Syracuse.  Go Rockets!

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Summer’s Heat

Day 9 (I think) of temperatures over 99 degrees…

This is a HUGE kudos to all the medical personnel out there in this heat, getting in and out of your vehicles all day long!

Thanks to the facilities and homes for having the air-conditioning on!!

If I were a stick man I would still be dressed too warm!

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Website Coming Soon

Within the next 5 days my website will be up and running!  You will be able to link directly to this blog, order my book Conversations:  Living Through the Process of Dying or even purchase it as an eBook.

Here’s the website


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What an amazing impact organizing and supporting people during end of life care has on families.  It’s those simple things of bringing organization in to the middle of the feelings of chaos and grief.


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End of…End of Life

There will be a time in life, a time in the dying process where the end is so close and yet so far away.  While a person is unresponsive, non-verbal and the symptoms of dying are obvious there is a lot of waiting.

Even though death is very near and everyone will be expecting that last breath…there may be more time left to wait.  What do we all do in that waiting time??!!

One thing for sure is to believe in your heart the dying person is able to hear.  Let’s not forget to talk TO this dying person.  Encourage them in their faith, remind them of their legacy and how they affected our own lives.

We all will have the memory of that One Last Talk and I don’t want you to live in the “if I only would of” told them _____________.


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Encouraging Others

There are a bazillion ways to encourage others!  Small ways, big ways, anonymous ways and obvious ways.  So…just as long as you make encouragement a part of your day…you will make a difference in this world.

End of life client’s and their care givers are like dry sponges when it comes to needing encouragement.  If you are one of those folks, I hope you are able to see and hear the sustaining words of “YOU ARE NOT ALONE.”

You just can’t go wrong when you bring encouragement to any one!



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Lucky When On Call

Just found my car dome light on…yipes!  The car started and I am so glad I found this out before the battery went dead.

This would be a major crisis if I had to go out in the middle of the night, eh?

Thank you God!

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Some Folks

Some folks are just not ready to move in to hospice theory of care.  There is a dilemma in their thought process, perhaps it is just plain old grief, that prevents them from seeing the beauty and the help that comes with end of life care.

One sure fact is that families/clients whom are not accepting of their prognosis or the theory of hospice care should not be pushed in to any decision to sign on to a hospice team.

One goal in hospice care is to help, to partner, to come along side their journey of end of life issues…NOT to fight against or NOT to have to pull or push the hearts and minds of people.  Death will come whether some one is on hospice or not.

When some folks are just not ready…they are just not ready.


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Will to Live

How in the world can a human being have an insatiable desire to live when in the midst of horrendous disease processes?  The supernatural drive to press through limitations, pain, fatigue and humility is amazing to observe.

Watching the families who live along side of a person with an unusual will to live also is amazing.  They usually get just as fatigued and have strong emotional fluctuations anticipating the inevitable.

The part that is so great to anticipate is how this Will to Live, this supernatural energy will be a part of a person’s legacy.  Stories will be told, probably with humorous exaggeration and hopefully the sadness and fear will have been washed away.


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